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This accout has been deleted
Subject : Welcome!
Posted : 1/22/2003 11:29 AM
Post #24

We know many VisualTrader users are having great success prospecting and trading daily with VisualTrader. Here is your chance to share your knowledge with other folks, who are new to the "cylinder/map" concept. Your insights and encouragement will be greatly appreciated by all.
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Subject : RE: Welcome!
Posted : 2/11/2003 9:13 PM
Post #255 - In reply to #24

Hello Fellow Traders!

I have been a pretty active VT user since I downloaded the program. I stated in my profile that I couldn't trade without it, which most certainly is the truth. I have been successful using VT for swing trading, basing my set ups off the daily charts.

I scan end of day with VT sorting by symbol on 15 min time frame. This strategy shows me where the momentum is piling in a particular issue that might give a daily swing entry better odds. I set alarms and add to my watch list for the day written in front of me, longs and shorts. The overall indexes trend will give you a clue for swing longs or shorts, although not always the case.

I especially find it helpful in small priced stocks as it's hard for "big money" ie institutions etc.... to walk an elephant through town without being noticed! Well, I am watching :)

Try my strategy and tell me what you think? Would love to hear yours!
Happy Trading!

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Subject : RE: Welcome!
Posted : 2/13/2003 6:12 PM
Post #278 - In reply to #24

I was asked by Steve to give an example of the "Elephant" walking through town (i.e. big volume) on a particular issue that traded recently. Funny thing is, that another user posted same stock in another post today.

Check out AES, which I cannot take credit for having on my VT map, however I trade with a momentum player online often and he scans for huge volume like this. Look at the 15 min time frame with AES on a plate, first thing in the morning. That is HUGE volume on the stock and pushed it further the rest of the day. The pullbck was more than I would have liked to see. I entered at 3.06 and still holding.

I scan end of day which I mentioned before, just putting "above" stocks and hitting symbols only. I mainly use trend/changes in trend for my transform You can see pretty easily where the volume went at the end of the day and if there was big institutional buying in issues if you do this regularly. I do it everyday. Also, I set my time frame to 5 and then 15 mins in the morning to see the same thing.

And lastly, I always have a watch list, with stocks I am watching for the morning based on entries off the daily charts for swing, AND always at the top of the list are those that had momentum (volume and price change) that give me a better odds play. This can work for declining issues as well. I find the more time frames I have in my favor, the better my odds of a successful trade.

Be mindful when playing a stock that pops where it is on the daily chart (up or downtrend) AND where the indexes are also. Seems lately, any pop in the market has sold off at the end of the day. The overall trend is very powerful, though I am not saying that stocks can't break out despite it. Remember, the TREND IS YOUR FRIEND! :)
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Subject : RE: Welcome!
Posted : 6/7/2007 12:27 PM
Post #1643 - In reply to #24

EDIT: I posted this in the wrong place, here. Only the Moderator can correct my mistake by deleting this post. Sorry for the trouble caused.

Making High Profits Within A Short Time With Low Risk:

A number of posts in another thread are actually more applicable to this thread. Hence this post’s purpose is to provide a pointer (or cross reference) to those posts. They are in the thread “Feature Requests & Discussion/New Version/TY’s 5/19/07 post to present time. Please note that my personal rambling contributes to what has become a long thread and therefore the current/recent posts are on page 2.

Essentially a number of related things are discussed that include where to find plays that offer wide range price moves in a relative short time, and how adding post- and pre- market data to RT VT greatly enhances success in executing these types of trades, while also reducing the amount of effort required.

Hope at least a few Forum members enjoy these trades/plays, and make fantastic profits while doing so.

Trade well and prosper,

Jim B.

[Edited by jimb on 6/7/2007 12:33 PM]

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