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Stating The Obvious
Last Activity 10/21/2016 5:19 PM
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Subject : Stating The Obvious
Posted : 6/27/2007 9:33 PM
Post #1678

For those who play the early market earnings plays, another advantage of using RT VT is in its inherent strength to capture group moves. For example, two of the fairly nice earnings plays were ORCL and NKE. Both related groups offered additional superb plays today. Only the group charts for software programming are offered as examples simply because of limiting the number of files being posted. The Shoe industry offered similar opportunities. With RT VT we can consistently get some of the best plays of the day presented to us while using so many different trading styles and techniques.

Please see attachments.

It is realized that this is indeed stating the obvious to most all Forum members.

Of course, when we get bigger RT VT maps, it will be even easier to more fully take advantage of the many related profit making opportunities.

Trade well and prosper.

Jim B.

EDIT - Since file sizes were fairly small, additional information was provided in later attachments posted for completeness and historical purposes. Please note that the Top Performers stocks listed were not screened for volume/price requirements.

EDIT # 2 - A couple of two minutes charts are provided in addition to the usual 5 minute charts to again show something obvious to most folks - how different timeframes can give different levels of clarity when making entry (or exit) decisions.

[Edited by jimb on 6/28/2007 7:40 AM]

Attached file : 070627 Individual Software Stocks.pdf (78KB - 457 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 NKE.pdf (25KB - 419 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 CRM.pdf (43KB - 400 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 ORCL.pdf (31KB - 387 downloads)
Attached file : 070626 AMC Earnings.pdf (56KB - 399 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 BMO Earnings.pdf (62KB - 405 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 Software Industry Top Performers.pdf (22KB - 411 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 Footware Top Performers.pdf (34KB - 398 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 SMSC & Semiconductor Industry.pdf (28KB - 434 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 NKE 2 min chart.pdf (31KB - 379 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 SMSC BMO Earnings Stk 2 min chart.pdf (26KB - 401 downloads)
Attached file : 070627 SMSC BMO Earnings Stk 5 min chart.pdf (29KB - 390 downloads)

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