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Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar..
Last Activity 6/17/2020 10:04 AM
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Subject : Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar..
Posted : 8/9/2014 12:17 AM
Post #7751

available for VT 10.5. It's very good and VT 10.5 with sauce indicates really great promise but it highlights just how complex a product VT has become.

That is, beneath the now even more "stunning" visuals in VT is an incredible amount of complex programming and complex analysis which is dished up, well, visually. Yes, trading with VT sauce looks simple as Ed says but the VT, especially RT VT puts you at the actionable doorstep of what visually looks like profound instantaneous access to the workings of the market.

So, I for one will be an eager participant in the iVTS training sessions. I've done extremely well with intraday VT using only a portion of the VT features - basically I track visually relative momentum in Dow30 like megacaps then positions are managed discretionally with built in VT product indicators.

But! Now with the relative momentum analysis built into indicators measurements and strategies, VT could be just unbelievable for momentum visually intensive based trading.

For sure, I would like to see training in how the new indicators, measurements and strategies visually react and guide as you traverse time frames up and down and in how multi timeframe analysis shows up in the column display. Also, a tips and hints and light bulb bubbles notes could be helpful from those who are leading the teachings. Their experience could shorten our learning curves.

PS: glad to see the volume enhanced money flow indicator and strategy. Volume studies are often valuable but usually overlooked.
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This accout has been deleted
Subject : RE: Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar
Posted : 8/15/2014 10:21 AM
Post #7778 - In reply to #7751

I, too, just finished viewing (twice) The Secret Sauce" video lessons. As usual, Jeff and Ed did a terrific job of explaining and teaching.

I am really excited about the new SS plugin and the possibilities it offers me to make money in the market.

Looking forward to the new online webinars as well.



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Subject : RE: Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar
Posted : 8/19/2014 11:39 PM
Post #7801 - In reply to #7751

How do you put the leading indicator on the charts?
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Ed Downs

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Subject : RE: Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar
Posted : 8/20/2014 8:57 AM
Post #7802 - In reply to #7801

Hello! Thanks for kudos on the Secret Sauce seminar. True, there is a lot of firepower in VisualTrader - our job is to demystify things like the Leading Indicator so traders can take advantage of it and the other tools to determine where the greatest relative momentum is. You always want to identify the symbols that are "in play". That is where the money is.

On your question, try Right-Click Add Measurement in a chart, and then add the same measurement that the Leading Indicator is set to. You can Right-Click Properties on the Leading Indicator to find out which 2 measurements are being used. For Secret Sauce, I like Relative Momentum (L) or Trend (L) and Changes in Trend (S).

We are configuring the first iVTS sessions now, as well as interactive sessions in our Trading Lab. Watch for announcements this week.

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