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Ed Downs

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Subject : RE: Just went through the new Secret Sauce seminar
Posted : 8/20/2014 8:57 AM
Post #7802 - In reply to #7801

Hello! Thanks for kudos on the Secret Sauce seminar. True, there is a lot of firepower in VisualTrader - our job is to demystify things like the Leading Indicator so traders can take advantage of it and the other tools to determine where the greatest relative momentum is. You always want to identify the symbols that are "in play". That is where the money is.

On your question, try Right-Click Add Measurement in a chart, and then add the same measurement that the Leading Indicator is set to. You can Right-Click Properties on the Leading Indicator to find out which 2 measurements are being used. For Secret Sauce, I like Relative Momentum (L) or Trend (L) and Changes in Trend (S).

We are configuring the first iVTS sessions now, as well as interactive sessions in our Trading Lab. Watch for announcements this week.

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