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Subject : RE: Stocks with Weekly Options Map
Posted : 3/21/2012 1:29 PM
Post #6750 - In reply to #6673

I opened a series to trades yesterday, mostly Put Credit Spreads, though I did open a Call Credit Spread on AMZN after the big move up yesterday (I messed it up though, should have been a call credit spread to profit if AMZN closes below $195 at expiry, still currently in profit though).

I used the Trend with Reversals and Breakout with Reversals Transforms on 15 and 60 minute timeframes on Tuesday, looking for green cylinders below the map, about an hour or 2 before the market closed.

So far, up a nice amount today but if the trades close above the Puts sold on the spreads, the spreads will decay and expire worthless banking another small fortune! - Just need this to be real money!!

Hope others are testing this too.. It's a real eye opener..!

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