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Subject : RE: Using News To Form A Superior Watchlist
Posted : 7/18/2010 6:52 PM
Post #5232 - In reply to #5227

For those interested in this thread, attached is a partial earnings stocks map for next week. It contains 239 stocks that meet the more stringent criteria stated when opening this thread. There are over 150 SUB stocks that are not included because of thinking that the 239 better quality stocks will provide enough excellent trades.

I often have the SUB stks in a watchlist in another tool so that they can be checked during pre market and shortly after market open, and added to the map if they deserve it based on price action and volume.

Hope those testing and/or trading these stocks, enjoy the activity.


Jim B.

EDIT: An earnings map for SUB stks was added since there might be interest in these stks. However, this map only has the full week of stks on one plate instead of being identified by when they report on separate plates - if this additional temporal info is desired, it can be found at (or YAHOO). The related txt file is also attached so that importing the list into other tools is made easier.

[Edited by jimb on 7/18/2010 8:46 PM]

Attached file : 100712 (28KB - 495 downloads)
Attached file : 100719 SUB earnings stks for week symbols 1-153 txt.txt (4KB - 605 downloads)
Attached file : 100719 SUB Earnings Map For Week.vtp (360KB - 476 downloads)

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